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1 Nanostructured magnetic films based on iron with refractory metals Yermolenko, I.Y., Ved', M.V., Sakhnenko, N.D., Shipkova, I.G., Zyubanova, S.I. Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials 2019 0
2 Effect of sequential steady-state and pulsed hydrogen plasma loads on structure of textured tungsten samples Herashchenko, S.S., Girka, O.I., Surovitskiy, S.V., Makhlai, V.A., Malykhin, S.V., Myroshnyk, M.O., Bizyukov, I.O., Aksenov, N.N., Borisova, S.S., Bizyukov, O.A., Garkusha, I.E. Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research, Section B: Beam Interactions with Materials and Atoms 2019 0
3 Thermodynamic estimation of the reaction implementation possibility of beryllian indialite generation from oxides in the BeO - MgO - Al2O3-SiO2 system Mamontova, S.G., Zelentcov, S.Z. AIP Conference Proceedings 2019 0
4 An approach for pillow plate heat exchangers design for single-phase applications Arsenyeva, O., Tran, J., Piper, M., Kenig, E. Applied Thermal Engineering 2019 0
5 Computer modeling application for predicting of the passing of the high-speed milling machining hardened steel Permyakov, A., Dobrotvorskiy, S., Dobrovolska, L., Basova, Y., Ivanova, M. Lecture Notes in Mechanical Engineering 2019 0
6 Simulation and design of welded plate heat exchangers with channels of different corrugation height Khavin, G. Lecture Notes in Mechanical Engineering 2019 0
7 The use of waveguides with internal dissectors in the process of regeneration of industrial adsorbents by means of the energy of ultrahigh-frequency radiation Dobrotvorskiy, S., Dobrovolska, L., Aleksenko, B., Basova, Y. Lecture Notes in Mechanical Engineering 2019 0
8 Methods for calculating the grain boundary adsorption capacity of nanostructured copper based condensates Zhadko, M., Sobol, O., Zelenskaya, G., Zubkov, A. Lecture Notes in Mechanical Engineering 2019 0
9 Normal modes of chaotic vibrations and transient normal modes in nonlinear systems Mikhlin, Y.V., Plaksiy, K.Y., Shmatko, T.V., Rudneva, G.V. Advanced Structured Materials 2019 0
10 Effect of the Structure of Lithium-Silicate Glasses on the Mechanical Properties of Transparent Glass-Ceramic Materials Savvova, O.V., Topchyi, V.L., Babich, O.V., Belyakov, R.O. Strength of Materials 2019 0
11 Computer simulation of the processes of mixing in multilayer nitride coatings with nanometer period Sobol, O., Meylekhov, A., Postelnyk, A. Lecture Notes in Mechanical Engineering 2019 0
12 Investigation of the process of saturation of the filter liquid of soda production with ammonia and carbon dioxide in the production of ammonium chloride Pitak, I., Shaporev, V., Pitak, O., Hrubnik, A., Moiseev, V. Lecture Notes in Mechanical Engineering 2019 0
13 Model of thermal state of the system of application of coolant in grinding machine Stepanov, M., Ivanova, L., Litovchenko, P., Ivanova, M., Basova, Y. Lecture Notes in Mechanical Engineering 2019 0
14 Choice of the optimal parameters of the ultra-fine grained cooper machining Symonova, A., Havin, V., Savelov, D. Lecture Notes in Mechanical Engineering 2019 0
15 Increasing of equipment efficiency by intensification of technological processes Fesenko, A., Basova, Y., Ivanov, V., Ivanova, M., Yevsiukova, F., Gasanov, M. Periodica Polytechnica Mechanical Engineering 2019 0
16 A Markov model of IoT system availability considering DDoS attacks, patching and energy modes Kolisnyk, M., Kharchenko, V. Studies in Systems, Decision and Control 2019 0
17 Estimation of the elastic modulus and the work of adhesion of soft materials using the extended Borodich–Galanov (BG) method and depth sensing indentation Perepelkin, N.V., Kovalev, A.E., Gorb, S.N., Borodich, F.M. Mechanics of Materials 2019 0
18 Modeling of pulse wave propagation and reflection along human aorta Kizilova, N., Solovyova, H., Mizerski, J. Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing 2019 0
19 Experimental study of the power characteristics influence on the hydraulic efficiency Andrenko, P., Grechka, I., Khovanskyy, S., Svynarenko, M. Lecture Notes in Mechanical Engineering 2019 0
20 Controlling and stabilizing unpredictable behavior of metabolic reactions and carcinogenesis in biological systems Dzyubak, L., Dzyubak, O., Awrejcewicz, J. Nonlinear Dynamics 2019 0
21 Experimental Investigation of Viscoelastic Characteristics of Rubber-Cord Composites Considering the Process of Their Self-Heating Larin, A.A., Vyazovichenko, Y.A., Barkanov, E., Itskov, M. Strength of Materials 2019 0
22 Preface Andrianov, I.V., Gendelman, O.V., Manevich, A.I., Mikhlin, Y.V. Advanced Structured Materials 2019 0
23 Short-Period Multilayer X-ray Mirrors for "Water" and "Carbon Windows" Wavelengths Kopylets, I., Devizenko, O., Zubarev, E., Kondratenko, V., Artyukov, I., Vinogradov, A., Penkov, O. Journal of nanoscience and nanotechnology 2019 0
24 Linear and nonlinear free vibration analysis of laminated functionally graded shallow shells with complex plan form and different boundary conditions Awrejcewicz, J., Kurpa, L., Shmatko, T. International Journal of Non-Linear Mechanics 2018 0
25 Deformation analysis of conductive metallic components under the action of electromagnetic fields | Verformungsanalyse elektrisch leitender metallischer Bauteile bei Magnetimpulsbearbeitung Altenbach, H., Konkin, V., Lavinsky, D., Morachkovsky, O., Naumenko, K. Forschung im Ingenieurwesen/Engineering Research 2018 0

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