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26 The research of construction materials for development and modernization of the acting equipment at refineries Danilov, Y., Sinkevich, I., Tulskaya, A., Mardupenko, A. Materials Today: Proceedings 2019 0
27 Contact exchange in tetrafluoroborate-EDTA electrolyte for Cu-Sn alloy deposition Maizelis, A. Materials Today: Proceedings 2019 0
28 Studying the kinetics of electrode reactions on copper, silver and gold in acid thiourea-citrate electrolytes Smirnova, O., Brovin, A., Pilipenko, A., Zhelavska, Y. Materials Today: Proceedings 2019 0
29 Using aluminum alloys in the electrochemical hydrogen production Bairachnyi, V., Rudenko, N., Zhelavska, Y., Pilipenko, A. Materials Today: Proceedings 2019 0
30 Mixed Titania Nano-composite Oxide Coatings with Iron Triad Metals Sakhnenko, M., Ved, M., Karakurkchi, A., Matykin, O., Menshov, S. Materials Today: Proceedings 2019 0
31 Formation of multilayer metal-hydroxide electrode Maizelis, A., Bairachniy, B. Materials Today: Proceedings 2019 0
32 Light element depth distribution by the intensity ratio of incoherent and coherent scattering Mikhailov, I.F., Baturin, A.A., Mikhailov, A.I., Knyazev, S.A. X-Ray Spectrometry 2019 0
33 Particulars of adsorbent regeneration with the use of microwave energy Dobrotvorskiy, S., Dobrovolska, L., Basova, Y., Aleksenko, B. Acta Polytechnica 2019 0
34 The sulfonation of 3,5,7,3’,4’-pentahydroxyflavone and non-linear-optical activity of its sulfonic derivatives Mishurov, D. Chemistry and Chemical Technology 2019 0
35 Multilayer nickel–copper metal hydroxide coating as cathode material for hydrogen evolution reaction Maizelis, A., Bairachniy, B. Lecture Notes in Mechanical Engineering 2019 0
36 Correlation analysis of the data of apparent viscosity determination when using funnels with different nozzle geometry Kramarenko, V.Yu., Serhieieva, A.V., Neskorozhena, H.D. Voprosy Khimii i Khimicheskoi Tekhnologii 2019 0
37 Ensuring the reliability and performance criterias of crankshafts Kotliar, A., Gasanov, M., Basova, Y., Panamariova, O., Gubskyi, S. Diagnostyka 2019 0
38 Normal modes of chaotic vibrations and transient normal modes in nonlinear systems Mikhlin, Y.V., Plaksiy, K.Y., Shmatko, T.V., Rudneva, G.V. Advanced Structured Materials 2019 0
39 The use of waveguides with internal dissectors in the process of regeneration of industrial adsorbents by means of the energy of ultrahigh-frequency radiation Dobrotvorskiy, S., Dobrovolska, L., Aleksenko, B., Basova, Y. Lecture Notes in Mechanical Engineering 2019 1
40 Investigation of the process of saturation of the filter liquid of soda production with ammonia and carbon dioxide in the production of ammonium chloride Pitak, I., Shaporev, V., Pitak, O., Hrubnik, A., Moiseev, V. Lecture Notes in Mechanical Engineering 2019 0
41 Computer simulation of the processes of mixing in multilayer nitride coatings with nanometer period Sobol, O., Meylekhov, A., Postelnyk, A. Lecture Notes in Mechanical Engineering 2019 0
42 Computer modeling application for predicting of the passing of the high-speed milling machining hardened steel Permyakov, A., Dobrotvorskiy, S., Dobrovolska, L., Basova, Y., Ivanova, M. Lecture Notes in Mechanical Engineering 2019 0
43 Simulation and design of welded plate heat exchangers with channels of different corrugation height Khavin, G. Lecture Notes in Mechanical Engineering 2019 0
44 Methods for calculating the grain boundary adsorption capacity of nanostructured copper based condensates Zhadko, M., Sobol, O., Zelenskaya, G., Zubkov, A. Lecture Notes in Mechanical Engineering 2019 0
45 Comparative numerical-field analysis of power magnetic losses in a DC motor | Сравнительный Численно-Полевой Анализ Мощности Магнитных Потерь В Двигателе Постоянного Тока | ПОРІВНЯЛЬНИЙ ЧИСЕЛЬНО-ПОЛЬОВИЙ АНАЛІЗ ПОТУЖНОСТІ МАГНІТНИХ ВТРАТ У ДВИГУНІ ПОСТІЙНОГО СТРУМУ Milykh, V.I., Dzenis, S.E. Technical Electrodynamics 2019 0
46 Generation of nonporous crystalline Ta oxide Lyashok, L., Gomozov, V., Vodolazchenko, S., Skatkov, L. Materials Today: Proceedings 2019 0
47 Ways of improving the equipment for primary petroleum refining Sater, N.A., Grigorov, A., Tulskaya, A., Ovsiannikova, T., Sytnik, A. Petroleum and Coal 2019 0
48 Widening the Number of Applications for Online and Pocket Labs by Providing Exercises for Measurement of DC Motor Characteristics Klinger, T., Madritsch, C., Kreiter, C., Pester, A., Baltayan, S., Zaleskyi, V. Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing 2019 0
49 The using of coal blends with an increased content of coals of the middle stage of metamorphism for the production of the blastfurnace coke. message 2. assessment of coke quality Lyalyuk, V.P., Sokolova, V.P., Lyakhova, I.A., Kassim, D.A., Shmeltser, E.O., Miroshnichenko, D.V. Petroleum and Coal 2019 0
50 The use of processed polyethylene products in the manufacture of plastic lubricants Grigorov, A., Zelenskii, O. Petroleum and Coal 2019 0

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