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101 Symmetrical criterion of random distribution discrimination Raskin, L., Sira, O., Sukhomlyn, L., Bachkir, I. Proceedings of the International Conference on Modern Electrical and Energy Systems, MEES 2017 2018 0
102 Method for calculating of R-learning traffic peakedness Kuchuk, N., Mozhaiev, O., Mozhaiev, M., Kuchuk, H. 2017 4th International Scientific-Practical Conference Problems of Infocommunications Science and Technology, PIC S and T 2017 - Proceedings 2018 0
103 Multipath routing model of multicast flows in telecommunication networks Mersni, A., Ilyashenko, A., Ahmed, R.H. 2017 4th International Scientific-Practical Conference Problems of Infocommunications Science and Technology, PIC S and T 2017 - Proceedings 2018 0
104 Determining of the optimal buffer size for online data flow Pustovoitov, P., Sokol, G., Natalia, R. 2017 4th International Scientific-Practical Conference Problems of Infocommunications Science and Technology, PIC S and T 2017 - Proceedings 2018 0
105 Structure and properties of welded joints in large thick-wall structures made of 25L steel welded without preheating Efimenko, N.G., Bartash, S.N., Artemova, S.V. Welding International 2018 0
106 Effect of the application of microwave energy on the regeneration of the adsorbent Dobrotvorskiy, S., Aleksenko, B., Dobrovolska, L., Basova, Y. Acta Polytechnica 2018 0
107 A study of initial stages for formation of carbon condensates on copper Dai, Y., Kolupaev, I., Sobol, O. Eastern-European Journal of Enterprise Technologies 2018 0
108 Numerically-field analysis of the adequacy of the design data of three-phase induction motors and the method of their refinement on this basis Milykh, V.I. Technical Electrodynamics 2018 2
109 Studying items similarity for dependable buying on electronic marketplaces Cherednichenko, O., Vovk, M., Kanishcheva, O., Godlevskyi, M. CEUR Workshop Proceedings 2018 0
110 Kinetics of neutralization of nitric acid solution obtained from poor phosphorus-containing raw material Savenkov, A.S., Ryshchenko, I.M., Bilogur, I.S., Masalitina, N.Yu. Voprosy Khimii i Khimicheskoi Tekhnologii 2018 0
111 Functional materials for medical and biological purposes on he system CaO-CaF2-P2O5-H2O and additives Krivileva, S., Moiseev, V. Functional Materials 2018 1
112 Mathematical models for investigation of WWER-1000/320 transients Nikulina, E., Severin, V., Lukinova, D. Nuclear and Radiation Safety 2018 0
113 Numerical simulation of the dynamics of the system "trolley - load - Carrying rope" In a cable crane Grigorov, O., Druzhynin, E., Strizhak, V., Strizhak, M., Anishchenko, G. EasternEuropean Journal of Enterprise Technologies 2018 0
114 Conditions of Attaining a Superhard State at a Critical Thickness of Nanolayers in Multiperiodic Vacuum-Arc Plasma Deposited Nitride Coatings Sobol’, O.V., Meilekhov, A.A. Technical Physics Letters 2018 1
115 Glass-ceramic materials on the lithium disilicate basis: Achievements and development prospects Savvova, O., Voronov, G., Topchyi, V., Smyrnova, Y. Chemistry and Chemical Technology 2018 0
116 Thermoelectric properties of cold pressed samples of semiconductor (Bi1-xSbx)2Te3solid solutions Martynova, K.V., Rogacheva, E.I. Functional Materials 2018 0
117 The Effect of Pigment Volume Concentration on Film Formation and the Mechanical Properties of Coatings Based on Water-Dispersion Paint and Varnish Materials Kasyanenko, I.M., Kramarenko, V.Y. Mechanics of Composite Materials 2018 0
118 Numerical simulation of two-dimensional problems of creep crack growth with material damage consideration Breslavsky, D., Kozlyuk, A., Tatarinova, O. EasternEuropean Journal of Enterprise Technologies 2018 0
119 Determination the electrical potential of a created grounding device in a three-layer ground Koliushko, D.G., Rudenko, S.S. Technical Electrodynamics 2018 0
120 Computer simulation of the process of regenerating the adsorbent using microwave radiation in compressed air dryers Dobrotvorskiy, S.S., Dobrovolska, L.G., Aleksenko, B.A. Lecture Notes in Mechanical Engineering 2018 2
121 Development of method and algorithm of dynamic gyrocompassing for high-speed systems of navigation and control of movement Uspenskyi, V., Bagmut, I., Nekrasova, M. EasternEuropean Journal of Enterprise Technologies 2018 0
122 Faults diagnostics of high-voltage equipment based on the analysis of the dynamics of changing of the content of gases | Aukštos įtampos įrangos gedimų diagnostika, pagrįsta dujų sudėties kitimo dinamikos analize Shutenko, O. Energetika 2018 0
123 Oil sludge as source of a valuable carbon raw material Mardupenko, A., Grigorov, A., Sinkevich, I., Tulskaya, A. Petroleum and Coal 2018 0
124 Mathematical model for investigation of welding forces at contacts bounce in the process of a medium voltage vacuum contactor switching on Bajda, Y.I., Leliuk, M.A. Acta Technica CSAV (Ceskoslovensk Akademie Ved) 2018 0
125 Green's functions of axisymmetric electric and magnetic fields above flat boundary surface Mikhailov, V.M. Technical Electrodynamics 2018 0

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